Sincera Management Consultants, LLC

  • The art of consultative selling --- developing the "heart of a teacher"
  • How to prospect more effectively and efficiently
  • Using e-commerce tools properly in the day-to-day sales routine
  • What it takes to close the sale
  • Developing a strong work ethic and practicing daily work habits that lead to more sales and higher income
  • Understanding human psychology and the role that it plays in the overall sales process
  • The importance of knowing all about the competition's products and services
  • Developing effective interpersonal communications skills, both verbally and in written content
  • The importance of product knowledge
  • How to research and evaluate the market
Dramatically Improve Sales Skills with Our Proven Training Programs and Methods
Our Sales Training Methods Include Teaching:

Sales Training That Improves Sales Skills

We don't see business development or sales training as an event, but as an ongoing process to  improve sales skills, product knowledge, and results.  Our comprehensive training system helps us to set training up right, deliver it powerfully, and then make sure the learning happens over time so it has the greatest impact.  Our system is designed to inspire real change and deliver real results to improve sales skills.  Anyone can motivate, and in some cases "intimidate" a sales team for a day.  The objective is re-enforce the positives of the system on an on-going basis.

Companies spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on sales training each year, yet close to 90%  of these training programs fail to have any long-term impact.  Most programs fail for many of the same reasons---generally speaking, because they are never strongly reinforced on a daily basis and don't challenge the sales team to continually improve and follow the system.