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6. Closing The Deal. 

The difference between an average sales person and an excellent consultative sales professional is that the pro's know how and when to ask for the order, or the check.  It does you no good whatsoever to learn your product; study your competition; learn how to communicate; or become a good prospector if you don't develop the skills necessary to close the deal.  To paraphrase Calvin Coolidge:  "The world is full of unsuccessful talented people; a lot of unrewarded genius; and a great many educated derelicts.  In the end it's all about determination and persistence----the ultimate will to succeed."  As it pertains to sales that means developing the confidence, know how, and determination to close the deal.

5. Prospecting. 

Prospecting IS the fuel that runs the "sales engine".  Average sales people sit around waiting for the business to come to them.  Successful consultative salesmen wake up everyday anxious to find new prospects where they can help to fill a need, or solve a problem, and know how to ask for the appointment.  If you don't learn how to prospect, or you are unwilling to do so, you might as well find another field of endeavor because sales is not for you no matter how articulate you think you may be.

4. Effective Communications Skills. 

Some individuals are "natural born salesmen"; others have to work at it; but if you're willing to practice at learning how to communicate, and in particular with a style and manner that fits your individual prospect, you can become an excellent consultative sales professional.  Communications skills in today's electronic world go far beyond learning about who you are talking to and what to say verbally, but equally about your ability to communicate in writing whether it's by letter, e-mail or text.

3. Knowing Your Competition.

A good salesperson knows his or her product; a GREAT salesperson not only knows his or her product, but everything about the product or service that they compete against directly.  Great sales people never criticize, or cut down the competition; they simply know everything about their competitors strengths and weaknesses.

You may have "the gift of gab", which gives you a good head start; fluent and effective communications are a necessity in any field.  But, if you really want to excel as a consultative sales professional it is imperative that you know your product inside and out. Product knowledge is the single most important element of becoming a consultative sales professional.  What it can do; the need that it can fill; and how its benefits fit the individual customer or client gives you self-confidence.

2. Product Knowledge.

Understanding the Six Basic Components That make up the sales process

The old adage that "you can't sell what you don't believe in, or one you wouldn't buy personally" is probably as accurate as it gets.  No professional salesperson can sell  a product that he or she hasn't bought into personally.  Whether it's about quality; price; product need; or the company that offers it, you have to believe in your product.

1.  A Quality Product. 

There are countless books that have been written on the topic of sales and in today's selling environment there are any number of "how to" websites and numerous seminars, tapes, DVDs and other forms of electronic media that are available on the subject of selling.  Whether it's products; services; or a combination of both, everyone seems to have an opinion on how to manage, lead, prospect, communicate and sell.  The problem is and always has been, most salespeople get motivated "momentarily" by the well-intended author or speaker, but never seem to follow through consistently on what they read, hear, or have learned.   We teach individuals how to put what they learn into practice consistently so that they can be successful.

Our objective is not to simply motivate others, but to teach financial professionals, owners, managers, and  sales professionals what makes up the sales process and how to continually improve their skills at becoming more proficient in their individual field of sales or business.  We believe it's all about learning to do the basics and to do them brilliantly.  Success is achieved by doing the same things over and over on a consistent daily basis until they become habits---easily practicable habits that lead to successful results and foster growth.

The Sales Process